Harvard University

Stands a uniform color and soft among those people without problems, with zest for life, enthusiastic and optimistic therefore. The unfortunate thing, found in another group that namely is extremely higher than the first. Colors that have photographed these patients leave much to be desired. There is a strong mix of colors that are they move and which denote that something is wrong. According to the Dr. Suzuki of Harvard University, one of the men most experts in this subject, makes us see that chemistry is responsible for direct from our emotions. Testosterone, dopamine and pheromones, serve as the brain by somehow say lubricant and assuage our cravings. These same help to generate bonds of union between a mother and her fetus, a man and a woman or between other human beings.

What to do to increase these cells in our body, can we achieve our anguish detracting enough as to be able to live a little better, how much effort our cost us remedy our sorrow. These are all questions of which there are replies. According to Dr. Suzuki the Prosac (antidepressant) drug makes that the increase cells in almost all our needs quickly. But nothing should justify this article but we could contribute something himself. And it is also my grandmother system works. You have to laugh, the therapy of laughter is the best method, is that keeps our body with the necessary antibodies, it is the most comprehensive pharmaceutical industry with which our body can produce at a low cost chemists required down our way of being, violence and move to the sidewalk for those who love knowing what they do, those who love because it feel, of which soon forget grudges and serve as guinea pigs for India to make our world better.

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