Harvard University

Navigating the Web-resource navigation on web-resource – that it does not get lost in the wilds of the visitor resource. It is very important to leave to the visitor the opportunity to go home page publication. If the navigation bar is done graphically, it certainly made her a copy of the text (the text is somehow loaded faster graphics). Such rules and style of the technologies are given Page resource professional look and make the information on your Web server and accessible bystronahodimoy. Determination of the influence of design on the strength of the brand resource Website designers often talk about the fact that 1 of them responsibilities – to improve the system of advertising, products, or organization. Affects whether the design resource for the brand? During the years of mass work to create websites, concluded that the brand – the most important object investment. For example, investments in the form of money in a savings account over time, generate revenue as a%.

A similar situation exists in the branding – then the money is invested in ensuring positive long-term perception of brand users. This may include – strengthening the brand that is increasing its influence among the buyers. Brand is very strong when it is to have a serious effect on the purchasing behavior people. For example, a person can buy more of certain goods, as it is' a brand they trust. " For an individual brand – in fact, perception. For example, Harvard University – brand.

Large the number of people perceived Harvard University as one of the most famous and prestigious educational institutions. At the same time, Harvard and is perceived as a very expensive school. These two sides of perception together with other and form a brand of 'Harvard'. The components of brand brand components, such as names, labels, logos, brands and packaging – all the elements that make up the shortest way to your heart consumer. People are guided by these elements when making decisions about purchases. For example, if the consumer is confident that the film production allows Kodak to make the best pictures, the Kodak logo and trademark of this company are to Buyer's crucial when choosing a film. Conducted studies to determine the methods that were able to be used by developers to create websites as an effective system of elements branding, which allows to form a sustained commitment to the brand. For example, the strong e-commerce sites, promoted brand will increase the number of repeat purchases.

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