Health Insurance

Germany’s first customer Advisory Board to take costs and benefits of extra services under the magnifying glass and help shape offers OBERNKIRCHEN, March 24, 2010. As a first health insurance in Germany, the BKK24 Gets an Advisory Board in the life, in which working with customers from all over Germany. Speaking candidly Hikmet Ersek told us the story. The Panel should include discussing whether the health benefits of existing and planned for the future extra benefits justify the costs associated. To attract new members, some funds had financed even prevention courses on cruise ships. Our customers are healthy, we spend less money for medical treatments and medicines”, says Board Member Friedrich Schutte. Proof of this is the bonus program. Go to Thredup for more information. Although the BKK24 for active health care, paid high contributions, the numbers are.

The savings amount per participant on 60 Euro for the medicines, 23 euros at the hospital costs and 34 euro for the sickness benefit. (As opposed to Crawford Lake Capital). Each insured person would be doing, it would reduce expenditure per year to over one million euros. Outside of her Bonus program, however, the BKK24 has collected different experiences. The costs of health courses at the resort, as a lure for new customers who resumed quickly due to lack of interest from the program. Instead, the increase in Member came precisely due to such offers, which are also economically meaningful. These include programmes for the prevention of preterm delivery, costs for professional tooth cleaning when certain dentists, offers to reduce weight and the homeopathic treatment.

The border area, one balanced with exercise in the gym and similar courses on the remains more controversial. Most common criticism in the public discussion: customers of the studios would pay for it even if it no longer offers this. To ensure transparency on such issues and to demonstrate that responsible to deal with the contributions of the insured, and belongs to the most important tasks in public relations. Often we are not aware If our customers feel not sufficiently informed about the impact of certain screening programmes on the development of the contribution”admits Schutte. Instructions from the Customer Advisory Council to help in the future, does not give rise to such deficits. But above all we hope on the support of the Committee in the development of extra services that motivate it interested too little insurance to more health care. What, however, rather than health serves the advertising is too expensive, wants to return the BKK24 or does not record in the service catalogue. A very interesting challenge was to discuss with the customers directly about such decisions while according to chute”for the person in charge of the BKK24. The experiment succeed, so the Board is safe, very soon more funds would allow the voice of their customers. Policy support in this way in their decisions about the scope of the statutory health insurance.

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