Heat Specific Calculation

That will treat the content of this article? To present a new tool for online energy calculation and in free access on our website to determine the specific heat of gases. Shows how to calculate the specific heat of gases and a gas mixture and how this property relates to the temperature. Presents practical skills obtained in the industry in the exercise of this type of work. In the calculation tool that is presented here are taken into account the gaseous components of greater presence in the global industry. Within this broad universe, including gases are closely linked to energy processes, are present in the fumes or gases generated as products of combustion in the industry of fuels, in the same atmosphere as contaminants some harmful, etc. This information or data, heat specific gases, is used and is essential to count on her to perform calculations of the efficiency of the combustion process, for determine the level of energy that a particular gas mixture contains or transports, for the calculation of other parameters of thermodynamic significance, such as the enthalpy and entropy, etc. These parameters are required and widely used for making energy balances.

Empirical expressions are used for the determination of the specific heat capacity. Below are examples of calculation equations used in the processor. These equations reported specific heat with an error not exceeding 5% (in most of the gases not greater than 1%) in the range of temperatures between 273 c and up to 1500 K (1226.84 C). This interval at the same time will be the limit of use of the calculator and values outside the range will not be processed. How will this calculation and the result on which bases and units will report? Registering in the input form the value of the temperature range which is gas or mix and selecting either the gas or the different gases that are part of the same by the volumetric fraction of each posting.

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