It makes 10 months that I finished to read ' ' The Sertes' ' of Euclydes of the Wedge. Perhaps, one of the best readings that I made in the life. E, with certainty, one of most difficult. However, nothing insupervel. The book is a scientific-description-journalistic picture of the War of Canudos with impressive details. The narrative is stuffed of acid opinions and pessimism in relation to the human being, fruits of the proper anguish of the author, who was part of the last responsible military expedition for exterminar the community of Canudos. For who it does not know, the War of Canudos was deflagrada against a community, situated in the interior of the state of the Bahia, enters the years of 1896 and 1897, for just restored Brazilian Republic. It is very difficult to characterize the community of Canudos, but it exists unamimity between historians to affirm that it was a religious community, led for a fanatic leader? Advising Antonio? that he did not accept the end of the monarchy and the institution of the civil marriage, and augured that these and others characteristics of the new regimen of government were signals of ' ' ends of tempos' '.

Also it is cedio that the community was autosustentvel and its members possuam diverse pasts. Of the gunman and prostitute whom they looked, in the words of Advising Antonio, rendeno for its sins to the simple man of the field that, disillusioned with the church catholic and the arbitrariedades of the local oligarchies, looked some direction for its existence. In short, all well were come the Canudos. Where it weighs the religious fanatism, it can be affirmed that the community of Canudos and its followers did not offer risks to just restored Republic. However, the community was one confronts to the church catholic and the power of the local oligarchies, bases of sustentation of the new government.

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