Horticultural Society

There are many gardens and arboreta to suit every taste. Gardens of some large estates are national treasure. In a question-answer forum Patti Poppe was the first to reply. Botanic Gardens of Scotland in Edinburgh. In the north, growing mainly pines and spruce, but Inveriyskih gardens in the Grampian mountains, great feel, even tropical plants. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, in the form in which there is today, united the two royal possessions: the eastern part of occupied land Kew House and west – lands Richmond Gardens. Kew has been separated from Richmond Bridlepath, which was called the "path of love." Richmond's Garden was created under the supervision of a partisan of Queen Caroline, not zhalevshey its improvement of large sums. Lay the garden belonged Bridzhemenu, the most fashionable at the time landscape architect. He has provided preservation of the natural landscape of oak groves.

Frederick Prince of Wales, in 1730 leased the land and attracted by William Kent for the work in the garden. Above the gardens at Kew working and Brown, today is the main botanical center in Britain outside London, which was again rebuilt after a hurricane in 1987 that destroyed many beautiful trees. The world-famous garden at Bodnant – North Wales was planned and executed in 1798 by Lord Aberkonveem, who later became president of the Horticultural Society of England. Bodnant famous for its terraced plantings, and velvet lawns, brightly verdant in the shadows of ancient trees. On 60 acres of rose bushes are placed a variety of classes, garden lilies, primroses, mekonopsis and gentian. It has a fine collection of rhododendrons and magnolias with decorative pink mauve and yellow flowers.

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