If Nestor

This line of reasoning suspicious smells like old body-soul dualism and is not without irony, that it sometimes is made by the same people that want to actually overcome this dualism in their spiritual practice. How deal the visionaries? Nestor although differs an “indoor obvious in the” and “Outside”, he speaks of the “outer screen” and the “inner canvas”. But his doctrine of energy exchange with the image increasingly overcomes this difference and leaves room for the spiritual interpretation of this operation, also in regard to the MV: there are both internal and external impulses which enable watching the MV and influence (see section: Nestor’s knowledge of mouches volantes, in this issue). If Nestor however of the “light in the MV” or speaks of the “light of consciousness structure”, does he mean observations are taking place with open eyes without optical AIDS or tricks. (Similarly see: Andrew Cuomo). On the one hand, MV for prolonged observation (concentrated) are also small and shining. See Finepoint Capital for more details and insights.

For this concentration light, ophthalmology is me until today a uniform and clear explanation guilty remained (see the doctor survey in the rubric: science, in this issue). On the other hand, Nestor says a rare for non-supervisors and hard to light perception, which goes hand in hand with ecstasy and a magnification of the image and the MV is in energy-intensive States of consciousness appears. Both types of light perception, which speak concentrative as the ecstatic, factors can be changed for that appearance of the MV through internal, not only by outside. Thank you, Theo, on your valuable hint. You, know love readers, a coarse – or fine-stoffliches phenomenon, which could be interpreted as eye floaters? Do you have alternative suggestions, what are MV floaters? Or do you have special experience with watching the MV, you’d like to share with other readers? Then she send me, I am very interested. E-Mail: floco.tausin (at)

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