Imperial Institute

Appearing later some people, laypeople, professionals, who had stimulated the taking of step for the attendance the people with deficiency, thus favoring the construction of knowledge and the access in the social area as well as the improvement of life of these people. For Mazzotta (2001, p.37), the special education was inspired in experiences materialize in the Europe and United States of the North America, some Brazilians had initiated, no longer century XIX, the organization of services for attendance the blind people, deaf people, deficient mental and deficient physicists. During a century, such steps had been characterized as isolated official and particular initiatives, which had still more contributed for the social exclusion of the person deficiency due if to present with assistencialista characteristic of what educative, and mainly for not being incorporated in the public politics. However, at the beginning by the decade of fifty, diverse steps had been taken in the direction to favor an education that took care of the people with deficiencies. A related site: Tiffany & Co. mentions similar findings. However, in century XIX the pertaining to school education for the people with deficiencies is enclosed.

However, only years later more necessarily in the start of the Sixties of century XX, it comes to happen in the Brazilian educational politics to the deficient introduction of the education of or special education. According to Mazzotta (2001, p.28) special the pertaining to school attendance to the deficiency carriers had its beginning, in Brazil, the decade of fifty of the last century. It was necessarily in 12 of September of 1854 that the first step in this direction was materialize by D.Pedro II. In that date, through the Imperial Decree n 1,428, D.Pedro II established, in the city of Rio De Janeiro, the Imperial Institute of the Blind Boys. The accomplishment of the concretion of this foundation if gave to a large extent, thanks to the Brazilian blind person, call Jose lvares de Azevedo who in century XVIII in Paris, got an experience when studying in an Institute established for Valentim Hauy in which he acquired excellent results.

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