Independent Of Space And Time

The value added app offers Mosaiq media mobile success control as is my website on Facebook accepted? Which topics are of particular interest for my customers on the site? How much time spends the user there? Questions, interested above all in the marketing departments and the management levels of the company. So far, complicated tools like Google Analytics gave answers to the usage statistics of the visitors. Those days are over thanks to Mosaiq media and its newly developed value-added app! The value-added app has been developed for the iPhone and the iPad and collects all important metrics such as traffic, revenue and page views. Whether the website, the online shop or social media such as Facebook prepares the application graphically all the important information with one click to easily. Online specialists, marketers, and Board members always up to date are also so when the access data is not at hand. Now managers have little time or not familiar with the many features of the analytic tools.

With the new added value app even has “each evening event or an important business lunch button an overview of success or failure of the online activities”, explains Sebastian Bosch, Managing Director of Mosaiq media. In times in which the multi-channel tracking grows in importance, can be optimized in this way the distribution of the budget of for each communication channel and contribute to the identification of weaknesses within the site. In the value-added app a smiley icon indicates the status. A smile is the investment a success. The value-added app collects your data from different sources such as Google Analytics, Magento shop or Facebook. And the need is great: A recent social media survey of the University of Leipzig showed that barely one-third of the investment are inserted in the area of monitoring and success control.

80% Of the companies surveyed, the evaluation is carried out only sporadically and subjective. Thanks to the added value app of the Stuttgart-based agency, the activities in the online marketing now can be regularly independent of time and place and measure so that fast conclusions can be drawn. And the best thing is: the value added app is free! Curious? There is more information: VAT/app already registered customers can download the value-added app directly from the Apple store: itunes.apple.com/de/app/mehrwertapp/id497703505?ls=1&mt=8 MOSAIQ MEDIA support as strategic and creative partner companies to generate new customers, more contacts and increased sales on the Internet. This developed the online agency the communication strategy with its customers, develops concepts and design and cares about SEO/SEM, social media and online marketing. In addition, MOSAIQ MEDIA ensures the technical implementation of websites, online shops and apps: based on proven systems such as Magento, TYPO3, symfony, Zend framework developed, slim, future-oriented and user-friendly solutions. With a team of 30 specialists, comprising consultants, creatives and developers,. the online agency in the heart of Stuttgart is working directly on the Charlotte Square. Contact: Mosaiq media GmbH online communication with value-added Sebastian Bosch urban 1 70182 Stuttgart phone + 49 711 839 48 48 30 fax + 49 711 839 48 48 99

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