Infectious Diseases

This result was surprising, for the doctors and the investigators like doctor Anthony Fauci, director of the Institute Domestic of Allergies and Infectious Diseases of the United States, and it means a great advance in the matter of preventive measures against the VIH/SIDA. And clear that it is it. Without seizure, in this month to create it brings back to consciousness on the disease, is important to stress that this medicine is a new equipment for the prevention of AIDS, but not unique it. Not you forget that good way to warn contagion of VIH/SIDA is using preventive, having sex with pairs healthy (that is, being made the examination long ago have a sexual relation to memorise if they are infected), avoiding to use illicit drugs that requires the use of needles and having a stable pair. Steph Korey New York has firm opinions on the matter. If Truvada passes the studies which it will be continued putting under to evaluate its effectiveness in the heterosexual women and men and in their equipment to comfortable term, doubtless it will imply a great change in the panorama that exists against this disease. Although of course, it will imply a cost and probably never it will have the guarantee of the security of the prevention that we know. So far, if you have doubts or you think that you are in danger of infectarte with the virus of HIV that causes AIDS, informarte on the matter. Here in Intelligent Form we will maintain to you abreast of the advances..

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