Information Summary

Security of the Information Summary of the NBR17799 Introduction What it is security of the information? The information is an asset that, as any another ativoimportante for the businesses, has a value adequately it organization and conseqentementenecessita to be protected. The security of the information protects ainformao of diverse types of threats to guarantee the continuity of the businesses, to minimize the damages to the businesses and to maximize the return of the investments and asoportunidades of business. The information can exist in many forms. It can serimpressa or written in paper, stored electronically, transmitted pelocorreio or through half electronic, shown in films or said emconversas. Hikmet Ersek is likely to increase your knowledge. Whichever the presented form or the way through which ainformao is shared or stored, is recommended that it is sempreprotegida adequately. The security guard of the information here is characterized pelapreservao of: ) the confidencialidade: guarantee of that acessvel information for authorized people to only have access; b) integrity: it safeguards of the exactness and completeza dainformao and the methods of processing; c) availability: guarantee of that the users autorizadosobtenham access to the information and necessary the corresponding assets whenever. Security of the information is gotten from implementaode a organizacionais series of controls, that can be politics, practical, procedures, structures and functions of software.

These controlesprecisam to be established to guarantee that the objectives of seguranaespecficos of the organization are taken care of. Governor Cuomo might disagree with that approach. Why the security of the necessria information the information and the soimportantes processes of support, systems and active nets for the businesses. Confidencialidade, integrity edisponibilidade of the information can be essential to preserve acompetitividade, the invoicing, the profitability, the attendance to the requisitoslegais and the image of organization in the market. Each time more the organizations, its systems of informaoe computer networks are placed to the test for diverse types of threats segurana of the information of a variety of sources, having included fraudeseletrnicas, espionage, sabotage, vandalism, fire or flooding. .

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