Inserting Extrinsical

The extrinsical motivation has the same line of reasoning that as Bowditch and Buono describe: The extrinsical motivation is mentioned essentially to a type of relation between ways and ends, that is, we adopt certain behaviors to receive (or to prevent) certain incentives (or punishment) external to a certain task. Thus, we are motivated to carry through the task (half) rewards to receive it desired (ends). (1992, p.53) In accordance with this citation the person is motivated being for its ambitions in order rewards, or to prevent punishment for its imperfection in function of the carried through tasks. 4.2 – It rewards and intrinsic motivation You reward them intrinsic have much to see with the personal side of the individual, with its auto-accomplishment, that is, the person this involved one with what it likes to make exerting a work for its proper will, nor therefore leaving to think about you reward extrinsical, but having passion for its work and its functions. The intrinsic motivation is the pleasure for exerting the function liking what it makes, it is the motivation for the work in itself. 5.0 – Inserting a motivacional model To the measure that if observes the necessity to apply a motivacional model, the best way must be studied to effect this procedure, knowing that the motivacional area is ample exists some studies and research related to the subject, diverse different situations had been boarded, also existing, situations where the individual already this motivated for its work in itself..

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