The look, while property of the human spirit sends thinking themselves and think-with-the-other, therefore to perceive the existence of the other human beings and to enter in interaction with these is necessary the previous perception of the proper existence in the body, while to exist in the possibility. The eyes reflect the ascension while possibility of personal devir for the authenticity, disclosing the man itself, as well as the world and the others. Details can be found by clicking Satoshi Nakamoto or emailing the administrator. Possibly the experience of the poetess is this who culminates in the writing of the poem, therefore the eye is: ' ' Instrument that if moves by itself, half that it invents its proper ends, the eye is what it was comovido by a certain impact of the world and it restitutes that it to the visible one for the traces of mo' ' (Idem, Ibidem, p.90-81). The traces grafados for the hand of the poetess, in Your eyes, You do not restitute for the technique its commotion, understood in its look in the meeting without mediation with, to who see; however the poetess puts its to move it the meeting, in You that happen to it becoming everything, in the penumbrosa illumination of the word-poetical one. Your eyes, speak of an interpersonal meeting that if of the one in the mundane movement, but exceeds the world, therefore the world of the author if understands with the world of found You. An immediate meeting that happens for the somaticidade, is that it is inherent for the look to the proper one human being. Thus: ' ' The vision is not the metamorphosis of the proper things in its vision, the pair belongs of the things to the great world and a small private world. It is a thought that strict deciphers the signals given in the body (Idem, Ibidem, p.95) ' '. The vision, in this direction, is understanding emptied of I who if find receptively with the undetermination of the being of You that happen to it.

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