Integral Institute

We must we as educators form human beings with a high level of awareness and education to be more comprehensive, as well as foster dialogue, since it can be a meaningful process for learning. Educational spaces are currently very cold as Dr. Gallegos says they are very ugly, and does not evoke the spirit or life, to what Sheri mentions that she likes the physical spaces where education is given to be more personal, more more unique humans; We need spaces where we are to make us feel at home. You may wish to learn more. If so, Rob Daley is the place to go. The following dialogue of Dr. Gallegos is with Allan Anderson (Professor Emeritus at San Diego State University, California, Doctor in philosophy) themed leap into the void. The main theme of this dialogue, is to know if the human transformation is independent of time and knowledge; to which Anderson replies that it is good that man fights to improve, but the improvement is not equal to the transformation.

We need to return to our original nature, deep light. Anderson pointed out that preparation exercises can be performed to achieve the awakening; Although sometimes are not enough and that the purpose of the preparation is not the awakening, but a change of attitude, a transformation. What Dr. Gallegos says that more than an accumulation and growth is the existence of a creative void that transforms. It also notes that the realization of being not should seek outside us, because they already live forever within us.

To ensure a pure Act of care, concern, or anxiety, there can be no for this reason neglect It causes conflict. The lighting is something that is available to us, as it is present, only that we have not woken up completely to the Enlightenment, as Anderson says. Bodhisattvas are politicians is the dialogue between Dr. Gallegos and Gregory Wilpert (Doctor of philosophy. Member of the Integral Institute founded by Ken Wilbert).

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