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Half urban, what one meets? Many people, building, houses, cars, bus, sidewalk, asphalt, pollution (air, water and land), aggression to the environment (fauna and flora)? antropognicos impacts, that is, action of the man to modify the natural one constituted of the nature, imposing it scaffoldings of iron and false cement rocks and concrete. Until where goes the regenerative power of the biodiversity of the nature, front to the implacable hand of the man in constructing cities? Here it is the question. The city is an area urbanizada with population concentration, but at the same time, it generates harmful impacts in its estruturao. Two great forms of life exist that however enter in conflict: the biodiversity of the nature and (bio) the diversity human being. The man needs to perpetrate impact to the environment for its survival (habitation, foods, transport, etc.), but also, he needs to know to respect where this stepping on. For this, sustainable development from the natural resources.

One of the forms more simple and executable to guarantee the interaction between the man and the nature, it is through the Units of Conservation (UCs), established for the Law in the 9,985 of 18 of July of 2000. This Law appraises UCs as one ‘ ‘ territorial space and its environmental resources, (…), with excellent natural characteristics, legally instituted for the Public Power, with objectives of conservation and defined limits, under special regimen of administration, which if apply adequate guarantees of proteo’ ‘. The UCs is essential elements for the conservation of biodiversity, assuring the maintenance of natural environments, the diversities of species, beyond providing chances for scientific research, ambient education, tourism and other less impactantes forms of generation of income, promoting to the quality of life. The creation of a unit of conservation has left of initiative of the Public Power (municipal, state and federal), and must be preceded of studies technician and of public consultation that allows to identify the adjusted localization, dimension and limits more for the unit. Half urban, what one meets? Through disciplined thought actions/planned/; Sustainable development. A time that, knowing of the importance that the environment promotes in well-being of the people, establishing a relation enters the bio (diversity) of lives, from now on, ‘ ‘ bio’ ‘ they enter in harmony and transfers to have it a dialogue of survival and respect to the nature. Jnior Miranda Scheuer Graduating Technology in Sucroalcooleira Production for the Integrated Regional University of High Uruguay and the Missions, URI Sao luiz Gonzaga Professor in the SENAC?

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