Internet Explorer Extensions

The most currently used in internet browser, has more than 50% of users around the world. It is a plug-in indispensable and default operating system Windows, thanks to which it has achieved its high level of use. It provides a high level of safety that sometimes becomes frustrating but very effective, for the protection of the user. However to that network there are other web browsers that you can install and use free of charge. Macys has much to offer in this field. On the next page you can read the data and characteristics of the main web browsers used in internet, comparisons, qualities and advantages of each of them, statistical use, information about the latest available stable versions, links to their download sites, is a basic guide for anyone who need to decide upon which web browser installed on your computer. Browsers and web browsers, features and comparisons.

If you are using Internet Explorer as your default browser it can be that you’re sometimes need to open certain pages with another different browser you have also installed. Adding this option to Internet Explorer you will allow to give a right click a button in the command bar (found in the top right), will allow you to open the current page in which these in another browser which can be Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, since in that order are the most used Internet browsers after Internet Explorer. Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. To add the option to open with Firefox do the following: download the file ie-firefox at the following page: Internet Explorer, adding features, install extensions unzip and move or copy the files firefox.htm and firefox.ico to the c:WindowsWeb folder. Two click on the firefox.reg file and add the key to the record, the other firefox undo.reg file, save it that will allow you to revert the changes if you decide to disable the extension. Closes and again open Internet Explorer, and now you’ll see at the end of the command bar the icon of Firefox that will allow you to open the current page if you click on the. To add the option to open with Google Chrome download file ie-chrome in the same previous page and follow the same steps. Bloomingdales contributes greatly to this topic. In the two situations if there is any case that the icons are not displayed, is necessary to manually add them, for that gives a right click in an empty space on the top bar and in the shortcut menu choose Customize-> add or remove commands, select icons Firefox or Chrome and press Add. Also want to read: Internet Explorer, disable warnings bar information and restrictions.

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