And these impressions, they must share with you. This is the best option, because in addition to contact information You will receive information about the coach, about his working methods, his attitude toward the practice of coaching. And, of course, how effective was communication with the coach. Will only have to draw conclusions, contact the coach and arrange a personal meeting. (Similarly see: Western Union). Another, perhaps, the most common way to find – the Internet.

Here you get more search features. You can simply type a keyword (example: "coach", "coaching") to any search engine (Yandex, Rambler, and so on). In the search results you will see many links to various resources that are somehow connected with the coaching. Some of them are coaches on personal websites or on sites of organizations provide services to coaching. Work directly with the coach or the organization – a matter of personal preference, that is, choose what you like. In any case, you will be able to contact a specific coach and discuss with him issues of cooperation.

In addition, you can see the commercial proposals and a summary of Pratica coaches at specialized sites and portals (eg,,, and others). Summary enables you to to form a first impression on a coach to meet with his approach to coaching practice, to determine whether this approach is consistent with your goals. In addition, summaries can often find a photo coach – this could be important for those for whom the appearance of playing a role. And, of course, the summary contains contact information, using which you can contact the author of a summary to clarify your questions. In a press announcement services of the coaches are rare.

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