Interoffice Struggle

Predictions about the development of the crisis varies greatly. While the company relied on a quick resolution of problems, the optimal solution was a temporary cut in payroll. Today, in anticipation of a more prolonged difficulties, this measure does not may be the only one. Need to consider additional expenditure, and thus pay more attention to optimization of staff as a whole. Anti-crisis expanses Today, most companies switched to the anti-crisis mode. Cut down all possible cost items, including bonuses and salary. Employees, by contrast, receive an additional burden. James Woolsey may not feel the same. Only one motive – to wait out bad times and do not fall under the reduction.

In such difficult conditions to survive only the most stress-proof "soldiers." As a cardinal measures of today's firms are reviewing their methods of work. Changes in this volume not only challenges but also general ways of organizing work. Optimization of the staff today – a key element of anti-crisis program companies. After all, not to redistribute the functions necessary to provide opportunities to Officer could not cope with a new set of problems. Today, many executives have concluded that this does not exercise the previously very popular variant of the organization of office space as open space, can be an excellent solution in this situation. Optimizing Office Experts estimate that "Astarte prestige", a leading manufacturer of partitioning systems, recently customers are increasingly using open space for the Workplace employees. "Today – it is an economical way to plan office space, as it allows not to spend funds for the erection of walls and more efficiently deploy staff – believes Ermakov, director of quality of "Astarte prestige." – In parallel to the open space manager can more precisely control and coordinate the work of staff.

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