Investments In Precious Metals

Thanks to the general instability of the gold price rising by an average of 25% per year, and therefore gold is more reliable object of investment. Precious metals are an excellent object of investment – it could be gold silver, platinum, palladium, etc. The most liquid of the above is a gold, silver regard, it is valued less since buying it to kilograms, while palladium and platinum is not so common. Gold rate in grams focusing on the central bank calculates the rate of commodity exchanges in New York and London. At the moment, the price of gold is $ 800 per troy ounce (troy ounce – a measure of weight for gold and other precious metals, more than 31 grams), or 700 rubles per one gram, and a year ago these prices were about $ 600 per ounce, and 500 per gram. As an investment in precious metals, there are investment coins, metal accounts, and of course available gold bullion. That's gold bars associated with investing in gold, but in terms of profitability – is not the best option. Banks, where it is possible to buy or sell gold bullion, not so much as for operations with precious metals need a special license.

But it's not the lack of bars – must pay vat (18%) with their purchase, which you no one will return when selling. And it means to win on this one, have to wait for annual growth in the value of gold. Another problem arises when we buy these bars – where you store them? And it's a serious question. Can be home in a safe, but if there is. You can rent yaycheyku in the bank, but it is again expenditure.

And after all this meaning in the acquisition of bullion is no longer, well, unless you want to make a gorgeous gift, but do not invest. Well, if there is a lot of bars with nuances, what with the coins? There are special bullion coins – which produces the central bank – not to be confused with the coins of the Bank of Russia. Bullion coins are sold in special packaging that you should not open because their price is drastically reduced, due to changes appearance. These coins have the advantage over the bars that they can sell without vat, plus banks will not take a commission on the sale / purchase of coins. Therefore, investing in gold coins has the greater advantage than gold bullion. There is another rather interesting investment object – a metal accounts. Metal accounts Closing "Gold Account" you can get cash, but will have to pay income tax of 13%. But with an increase in the value of gold at 25% per year, costs will pay off and you are at a loss just will not stay. – It is the same bank accounts that hold so-called "golden sand" at current prices. If the rate of gold increases, then increases the amount of the value of gold on the account. Roughly 100 000 rubles to buy 150 grams of "golden sand" and put it on your account.

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