Irene Asher

What, then, do women? It turns out that happiness is, and the road to it for us women, no? It turns out that Kabbalah did not spoke about the biological bodies. We are talking only about the spiritual system – a system of forces, which at some stage divided into two spiritual elements: male and female. Women embodies the power of receipt (fill your desires), and male – by the impact (filling the desires of the other). Thus, when talking about Kabbalah need to overcome selfishness by the connection between ‘men’, it is because of the need to overcome a ‘female’ power production, bringing their little gusts to impact in a tangible entity. And this internal effort can make anyone, regardless of sex! Wonder for a moment: where is my, albeit small, altruistic impulses? Power of receipt – it is! I would like all to yourself, go somewhere on vacation, buy a new blouse, eat delicious ice cream, get the respect of colleagues, love and warmth of home.

Each of us – your list. Continue indefinitely and it can always be enough! Psychologists say that it is fully satisfied with their women’s lives are hard to find. But it’s not that the woman feels devastated – just so there is power production, the desire to have fun, it has developed in our generation to their maximum size. In slightly different form, this desire is manifested in men. In fact, it is difficult not only to women – it’s hard to everyone. And all this dissatisfaction with life comes from the fact that we focus our efforts only upon receipt of various benefits, and only for yourself! This path is a dead-end originally, and never give the desired satisfaction.

In our time it is shown very clearly. There is more people who are disappointed with the pursuit of elusive happiness, and now looking for fulfillment, pleasure is not momentary. The path to this present address – the development of the properties of returns. And that each of us is given complete freedom regardless of social status or any physiological parameters.

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