Ivan Ivanovitch

However, it is not always the case. Firstly, the renowned company with a long history and so no shortage of willing to get them to work, so brokers offer a fairly low percentage of commission agency. At the same time, small companies, by contrast, are interested in attracting qualified staff and are willing to provide them with more favorable financial conditions. Second, in large agencies brokers work with their own (exclusive) objects of the company. That is, they do not need to carry out all range of works (search the premises, the negotiations with the owner, contract, etc.), their task – just find a buyer or lessee for finished space.

In the same small companies where their facilities are not so many brokers make the deal from scratch. Accordingly, they are initially required more in-depth market knowledge and understanding of customer needs. Myth number 3: With a private broker of the deal profitable matter how many people are not burned in the service of so-called "Special broker", there is still someone who will advise you to refer to any Ivan Ivanovitch, as he has "cheaper". Will save you the truth, not the cost of services and their quality and their own peace, but that you of course, will not prevent. So why, in fact, "overcharged" clients, referring to the agency? First, any self-respecting agency have a code of ethics that clearly spelled out rules of conduct for broker client. For example, according to this Code, the broker has no right to give you incorrect information, he is obliged to protect your interests and provide you all the information on to transact.

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