Jewelry Channel

The golden light of autumn is ideal to stand out especially to the different and unique properties of a piece of jewellery. So collection by the jewellery channel gemstone jewelry, whose stones can change their color in daylight or artificial light can be found in the autumn. Because each gemstone has individual properties that are highlighted by jewelry design and a special touch. So, the gems in the Group’s own factories of the jewellery channel into Crystal-like shapes are cut to increase the shine and intense light reflections to emerge. This an appealing form will provide the gem which transformed him into a jewel. This changing of the color of a high-quality gemstone is highly valued by jewellery lovers and can be seen for example in the Sapphire. The jewelry designer of the jewelry channel use the property of the respective gem to combine it with high-quality precious metals and create a unique treasure from each piece of jewelry.

Only high-quality materials are used here, before the Processing of jewelry experts inspected to ensure consistent quality. The silver jewelry and gold jewelry – collections from the Dusseldorf Teleshop channel of the jewellery channel Germany GmbH are then made by trained goldsmithing in elaborate handmade. Individual jewellery designs and fine materials make unique designer jewellery the jewellery channel from each of the resulting pieces of jewelry. Each collection of TV shopping offers an informative firsts in television transmitted via live stream on the Internet channels. In the show each piece of jewelry is presented in detail, with the moderation attaches great importance to a comprehensive description of the materials used and the history of the jewel. The sales shipments by the jewellery channel suited not only to the jewelry to buy, but also to learn about jewelry. All information and jewelry trends, as well as the current autumn offers can be found on. RRcX6eVUmZbnFGfnmxbmJeim5ufllmavEiVt6Q1MTcfIXg0oKi1Nz8HayMACPS9tJTAAAA&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjuuLnKgK2CAxUDJUQIHdNoCUEQgOQBegQIMBAO&cshid=1699192331358879’>Rachel Crane, another great source of information. Press contact: The jewellery channel Germany GmbH k RT 3 40221 Dusseldorf Tel: 0211 93 00 611 fax: 0211 93 00 667 email: Web: about the jewellery channel Germany GmbH: the Dusseldorf jewelry channel Germany GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of the publicly traded parent company, vaibhav gems limited CF in India. Wholly owned factories in India, Thailand and China the jewellery channel in Germany and the jewelry channel in England and the United States make the jewelry exclusively for customers of their sales channels. The bidding at the auctions of jewelry is possible also via live stream on derschmuckkanal.

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