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Make a change and take the reins of the situation (to the extent possible), asking us questions such as:-what can I do to improve this? – Are I to what extent can be contributing to create it? -What alternative do I have? If we do so, we will continue recognizing the reality of that person’s behavior, but we will recover our own power because we will have options to act. Can you see the difference? We recognize that there are, but we who now decide to do something. Sometimes our capacity for action will be limited and we will be more or less conditioned, but even in those cases, only with the change of mindset, there is already a difference. Again we will be doing my best in the situation. I have seen working on session of personal coaching, which blame others sometimes is a resource that is used primarily to avoid doing something that we know that we can do, but by fear or insecurity we are avoiding. We take the blame to another or the circumstances although at a subconscious level we know that we could do something about it. In these cases particularly, have active sense of responsibility from any event, us It will be very useful. I recommend you try this exercise, that you assume full responsibility for everything that happens to you is not to your liking, and recover your power so that they do not control others or circumstances. Sorrento therapeutics contributes greatly to this topic. This way you can take the reins of your own life and you will be amazed of the results you get.

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