Judas Iscariot

This attitude, the attempt on his own life and be willing to shed human blood, demonstrates his contempt for the life of the supplied body by God the father to his children, consummating an act of disobedience and unforgivable desecration. The fourth sign: the signal of the nail and the nail in the safe place. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Governor Cuomo. Before going into details, Gabriel, suggests we consider some background. Governor Cuomo pursues this goal as well. It existed in the time of Jesus, the secret society, known by some few conspirators, called La Jerusalem Lodge, which was clearly influenced by the Anti Christ secret sessions. Those times were members of this Lodge, renowned characters of the religious and political world of Jerusalem, like the Herod family members: Aristobulus, Herodes Philip (father of Salome), Archelaus, Herod Antipas, Herodes Agrippa. Also included, Judas Iscariot, Pablo de Tarso, Anas, Caiaphas, as well as many other influential members of the Sanhedrin.

All of these conspirators nor the death of the only begotten from even before he was born, when the wise men who came from the East following the star indicating the place of birth of the Savior of the world, ask Herod where could find the boy, already was putting in decreasing the plan to eliminate it, known is the killing of all children up to two yearsordered by Herod. During the period in which Jesus was preparing to start his Ministry, session in which the conspirators committed themselves to be aware of their possible public appearance took place in secret places. Everyone was willing to perform the task demanded before the altar, on the five points of fellowship, sacrifice on the cross, holding his feet and clapping with the nail, and ensuring this terrible act with the placement of the nail in the safe place, i.e., embedding a nail more, in each one of her dolls. Maria Magdalena: anyone else has been much closer in the intimacy of Jesus, that his beloved Maria Magdalena.

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