Justice Republic

Schengen multivisa Czech sample may be a visa, obtained on the basis that you have open legal entity in the Czech Republic, where the foreigner is the founder. To begin the process of registration and become a founder, it is necessary to gather the following documents: passport. birth certificate. statement of professional records in the country in which you live past 6 months (for every citizen over 15 years). bank certificate of availability of funds in your account (for every citizen aged over 18, children under the age of 18 is applied to the documents notarized copy of a certificate of one parent). questionnaire with personal data.

For registration multivisa through authorized legal or private person to the Czech Republic to issue two powers of attorney for an employee of the company or individual: 1.doverennost the opening of a legal entity in the Czech Republic and the provision of all interests in the state of Czech authorities relating to registration of legal entity. 2.doverennost to open a current account in the Czech bank for a new legal entity and paying back the authorized capital of the company. Process registration, registration of legal entities in the Czech Republic which is the first step, after you have submitted the documents takes 1-2 weeks. Registration of its legal entity, you can check on the website of Justice of the Czech Republic. On this site reflect all legal persons registered in the Czech Republic. Data on this site are publicly available. The second step is the preparation of registration dossiers for each the individual is part of the founders of the company, or a child under the age of 18 who can not become a shareholder.

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