Knowledge Professor

The professor has that to become a intent navigator the bureaucracy. the responsible pertaining to school that want to encourage the professors to become professional reflexives must create freedom spaces tranquila where the reflection is possible. These are the two sides of the question, to learn to hear the pupils and to learn to make of the school a place in which is possible to hear pupils and must be looked at as inseparveis' '. The socially legitimated formation of professors is made in spaces destined especially for these ends. One is about external spaces of the school, in times that divergem of the effective work of the professor. In this same line of thought, the formation of the professors is questioned and placed in xeque whenever a new method or a new politics imposed for the State appears.

In this context the consequncia more immediate than the professor constantly is submitted the qualification courses to improve and to reevaluate its to know. Oak (1990, p.19-20) points that, for the investigators: The professors are active agents in the practical proper construction of its (without forgetting that they are in interaction with and the excessively immersed ones in the limitations of the school) and that they acquire and they use a knowledge body, times called professional or dexterity, in its teaching activities. The teaching professional knowledge has been characterized as complex dynamic and multifaceted. The knowledge of itself exactly and its personal process of professional learning of the docncia also has been identified as component of the professional knowledge of the professor. Of certain form, to rethink the conception of the formation of the professors, that until little time objectified the qualification, through the transmission of the knowledge, so that ' ' aprendessem' ' to act efficiently in the classroom it comes being substituted for the boarding to analyze practical that this professor comes developing, emphasizing thematic of knowing the professor and the search of a base of knowledge for the professors, to know considering them of the experience. .

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