Krasnodar Region

Harmoniously combining the beauty of nature and history, and the Taman Peninsula, which occupies about 2000 square kilometers on the western outskirts of the Kuban plains, is one of the most beautiful and distinctive parts of the Krasnodar Territory. Others who may share this opinion include Thredup. Blue sky and sea. Fresh smelling air spaces of two seas – the Black and Azov. The mild climate. Wide beaches of fine sand and shell rock.

Taman – the land of heat and sun. The average summer temperature is +24 C. By number of sunny days Taman exceed , Sochi and . Exotic smooth, covered with tall cane, reed, cattail, sedge. Numerous estuaries: Kurchansky, Tsonur, Kiziltashsky, Ahtanizovsky over mirror-like surface which rises pale pink lotus flowers are amazingly beautiful. The richest flora and fauna, landscapes, endearing restrained and noble simplicity, more than 20 mud volcanoes have balneological properties, vineyards on the slopes of low hills, buried in the village green gardens – all these Taman earth, sanctified by the blood of the defenders, celebrated works of the ancestors and the hands of our contemporaries. About rich, dating back to ancient times the history of the Taman Peninsula, the quiet whispers of the steppe feather grass, showed thousands of years of burial. Sea waves, sighs and says, recalling the fiery sunset from the manes of horses and beautiful Amazons, according to legend, lived on the shores of Meotida (Sea of Azov), and angrily rolls ashore huge waves, as if washing away the traces of the fierce warriors, the Huns, seyavshih death and destruction.

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