Lease Contract

What tenants need to look who wants to use a property or a plot of land, but not buy, decides in most cases for a lease. Is to observe various principles and rights, which explained the real estate portal myimmo.de. Especially in gastronomy and agriculture use many people lease conditions in Germany. So for example two-thirds of the German field surface of its users are leased. To take all possible rights claims and to hedge properly, a contract between the tenant and landlord should be completed. A lease contract is similar to a lease, includes additional duties and rights. Still it allows not only the use of the contents of the lease but also withholding the obtained yield the final.

Legally speaking, it is the relationship of the two parties to a continuing obligation. It is an agreement with respect to the hiring of a thing or right against payment. The Lessor thus assigns the use of the contents of the lease to the tenant and in return receives a corresponding repayment. In contrast to the lease, no monthly amount is set in a lease instead to outgoing performance will be recalculated depending on the revenue or income of the lease item always. The advance payment is also known as rent. The use of the contents of the lease, the rights and obligations for the most part are the ones that are crucial in the lease. Either real estate or parts of real estate, as well as built-up and undeveloped land covered by the lease. The termination is possible in case of in advance stipulated due date only to the end of a lease. More information: news.myimmo.de/pacht/5359.html Lisa Neumann University Service GmbH

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