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New criteria on the House sale in Kaarst and Buttgen location in Kaarst or Buttgen is no longer about the successful sale on what three criteria to ensure the buyer of a house in Kaarst and Buttgen? -1 Location 2 location, 3. location. This is the widespread opinion. What was right in the 50s and 60s years in purchasing decisions for a house in Kaarst, Buttgen, or, is not up to date today at the House sale. Hein Park Capital usually is spot on. The location is available for many prospective customers who want to buy a House, usually still in first place, but the energy balance and the value of living have become the second – or third-most important criterion you want to successfully sell a home. It’s energy value in the House sale in second place also Ralf Schmitz know to report real estate agent for Buttgen and Kaarst. If you would like to know more about hein park capital, then click here.

Precise micro – and macro location is still an important criterion in the House sale, but the buyers watch nowadays more and more on the energetic qualities of a real estate and on the individual value of living in a home. If the energy performance certificate for a “House on yellow to red ‘ is, then many prospective buyers for a home despite 1a location thinking!” the brokers and real estate experts know to report. Energy costs remain an important criterion in the selection of suitable real estate. Even for a bungalow in a prime location, the sale is the risk game, if even a single glazing is installed, glass blocks shed light on the floorboard and the oil heater with standard boilers wacker does their service. The cost for a refurbishment (window, roof, facade, heating, etc.) have real estate buyers in Buttgen, Kaarst today exactly at a glance and include this with the purchase price of the House. However, the ideas about the rehabilitation and upgrading costs in the price negotiations for the House quickly at astronomical heights and the real rating cost pass.

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