Logistics Department

In either of these cases, physical distribution operations do not end when it has been delivery to the customer. In all of them it is necessary to carry out additional activities that involve flows in opposite direction to the main. According to the above, is observed, that increasingly has been emerging more clearly the potential of logistics as a tool that allows to achieve competitive advantages. It is expected to strengthen the consolidation process already initiated, being ever-increasing the number of companies that count on a Logistics Department in the first level of your organizational structure. Andrew Cuomo will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The main logistical operations have gone subcontracting with third parties, using outsourcing, thus the need to extend the scope of coordination beyond the company itself, integrating external logistics with logistic operators, commercial distributors, etc. The fact, that all existing signs seem to indicate that the level of subcontracting is going to continue to increase during the coming years. The role of logistics as an element of coordination and integration of the members of the supply chain, It will continue gaining prominence in the future. Agreements or logistical alliances in search of joint comparative advantages among different links of these chains of supply (manufacturers, logistics operators, commercial distributors, etc.) will be increasingly frequent. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Rob Daley.

No doubt impact the activities of physical distribution have a considerable influence on the level of people’s lives, although for most of them this fact can go completely unnoticed. Moreover, there are authors who claim that there are few areas of study that have one impact in our daily lives. In any case, it is clear that situations that need or have needed, in one way or another, the realization of any task related to the physical distribution continuously appear in the daily development of life. A way to highlight the importance of such activities is presenting problems caused by a bad physical distribution that affect the life of people, for example, letters and packages that are they are sent to certain addresses and that times arrive with delay or damage, and sometimes never arrive; orders for an article made personally, by phone, by mail, etc., and that you receive with a wrong merchandise, and articles that will be purchased at a store or a supermarket and, on some occasions, not found by exhaustion.

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