Loved Jorge

the land of the Bahia, womb of the Brazilian nation, cradle of different peoples, are the prism that reflects and portraies the diverse angles of a permeada native land of encantamentos, ' ' The Bahia of All the Santos' ' , of all the colors, all the races, all the creeds. It is of this aquarelado universe of answers and meanings, that we adentramos in the pluricultural field in ' ' resgate' ' of the cultural identity of the bahian people. Loved Jorge ' ' costura' ' our identity with gold wires that perpassam all our trajectory impregnated in ' ' history of negro' '. This wire sarcastically interlaces escancarado the laugh of Loved and transits between the black and the white, profane and the sacred one, popular and the officer, the imaginary Real and, that it could inside be understood of a context of relation of the religion with the society, breaching with the limits of the popular religiosidade the Brazilian catholic of colonial inheritance. As it wrote the proper Loved Jorge: Exists a bahian culture with proper, original characteristics? I believe that yes. Here all culture is born of the people, powerful in the Bahia is the people, of it if they feed artists writers.

… This linking with the people and its problems is basic mark of the bahian culture that influences all Brazilian culture of which it is cell – to mater (LOVED, 1973, p.23). It is through the perception of the reality to its return, that Loved Jorge translates the atmosphere of encantamento and mystery of the City of the Bahia of All the Magic Saints and. The religiosidade is marcante subject in this gallery, and the workmanship the Sumio of the Saint: a witchcraft history is the sincrtico bow between two worlds ' ' distintos' ' , the Orixs and the Saints Catholics. The author is witness and integrant of this nation, he exerts the function missionary and as one ' ' Exu' ' 2, opens ways for the affirmation of this biocultural society.

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