If you choose a forklift for intensive work, you should pay attention to such characteristics of speed lifting and lowering, agility, etc. Transportation route, and as the state of the surface on which operates the loader, will also directly affect its performance. The concept of route, including such factors as the length of the route, the availability of lifts and turns, descents, width of travel, the size of shelving, the presence of foreign objects above the passage (lamps, metal). In connection with this loader can be equipped with several features to facilitate work on complex sites. Surface condition will influence the choice of tires. If the surface has many irregularities, it is recommended to use trucks with Pneumatic, which perfectly absorb bumps and shocks and have a low price. If the loader works Indoors, there is a danger that the floor may be metal shavings, nails or broken glass.

In this case it is better to use-cast the tire or tires of superelastic, puncture that effectively impossible. At the same time, they are quite rigid and poorly protect against vibration. Safety during work on the truck can not exclude the possibility of injury, especially when a large mass of freight, work cramped conditions, high speed and load lifting, shifting center of gravity when lifting or lowering. Then there is the lateral tilting truck when turning at high speed or breakdown of machines due to the fall of cargo on the roof of the cab. For this reason, the cab trucks must comply with international safety standards fops / rops, which guarantee the safety at work. Price important factor make the choice of the loader is its price. As a rule, the optimal price is determined by the ratio of quality and performance cars.

Manufacturer In today's market presents a large number of diverse models of forklifts from Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, American and European manufacturers. Technique of the highest class offered Japanese of tcm, Komatsu, Toyota, Nissan, . Despite the fact that this technique is quite expensive (from $ 20 to $ 200 thousand), it compares favorably with high quality and reliability, so if you want loader for intensive long-term operation, better to opt for a model of one of these brands. If you're going to use loader no more than a few hours a day, or every day, you can purchase less expensive, but also less quality and reliable equipment from Chinese or Korean manufacturers. As to forklifts, produced in Bulgaria, they are also attracted to the low price. However, they are not designed for intensive use, because of their short lifespan and require frequent repairs, which is fraught with additional costs. Forklifts from domestic producers also can not withstand heavy usage. Machinery from European manufacturers have good quality, but a few overpriced, which is largely determined by fluctuations of the euro. American forklifts are not widely distribution in Russia, so if you need to overhaul the owner of the truck, sooner or later face the problem of the lack of a network of service centers. It is the existence of such networks and branching in largely dictates the choice of equipment manufacturer, because of the efficiency of replacement parts in case of damage to the loader can determine the success of our business. In some cases, especially in storage, a simple threatens the loss of time and money, which is why when choosing a manufacturer of truck should find out if they have any representation in the regions.

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