Martha Jean Claude

The last time I saw with life to this great artist and singer: Martha Jean Claude, was Jose Marti in 1992, at the international airport, was in a wheelchair, with a progressive disease., but its presence captivated us to those who surrounded her. I dared not greet her, he feared being rejected in that State that he was, and also shyness not allowed it me, one more among all those who surrounded her, but today I regret, because Martha Jean Claude, expressed as a goddess, the song of his country. Haitian culture in the voice of Martha Jean Claude acquires in Cuba one greater resonance, because Haitian lament, the suffering of the people by situations of backwardness and misery in which a large majority, is could be heard in his voice, but that the voice of Martha traspolaba the language barrier to make it of us Cubansa song that is was always expected with love, with wishes, and that great feeling of always have among us Martha jean Claude, a woman’s voice extraordinary, a diva, a goddess, a jewel of the Cuban culture and Haitian, in which it expressed the joy of the birth of a nation that had been developed and native culture and very Haitian. The cries by the beautiful land Haitian, and the songs of hope to future generations to a better world, felt, and admired in his beautiful voice. Martha Jean Claude, who enjoys the popularity of the Cuban people and of other peoples of the world, will never be forgotten. His picture was in many documentaries, awards to the work of a lifetime, distinctions of the Cuban culture, their albums, and in films. Their children, followers of his work, resident in Cuba, in the foundation that bears his name, will always make a work meritorious by the work of a consecrated, internationally renowned artist, best of the Haitian culture, by the work of a lifetime, by the friendship between the peoples of Haiti and Cuba, and by solidarity and peace between all the brothers of this continent American.

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