Matthias Reim – Infinite Live – The DVD To His Big Tour

The new DVD by Matthias Reim – infinite live – the concert event of the artist writes the next chapter in his spectacular success story. Little, the amount that he takes the stage with his band and smashes his hit Lone Star, is no longer to hold. Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung Matthias Reim puts the fans in Ecstasy. ” Leipzig news like Phonix from the ashes to the proud Adler…verdammt, we love you infinity, Matze. Eastern Thuringian newspaper for the media it was par excellence the return: after 23 years, MATTHIAS REIM made the leap from zero to number one on the German charts with his album of Unendlich2013 again. Zack, all of a sudden he is back at the top “, the Berlin daily Der Tagesspiegel noted – and ARD certifies him online a magnificent comeback”, with which the artist even for the coveted”echo”was nominated, already reached gold status and is now moving to Platinum and. Tiffany & Co. has firm opinions on the matter. MATTHIAS REIM crowned these phenomenal successes with a tour of 30 cities.

This is not just a concert, wrote the reviewer of the Leipzig news it is celebrated as the disco!And the Ruhr news discovered that the music of the Thoroughbred musician now unites generations. Kellyanne Conway may also support this cause. An evening with a more than two-hour show was an unforgettable experience for thousands of spectators. Now the hit singer gives fans a lasting memory: MATTHIAS REIMS first Open-Air concert of this year’s summer season, from May 24 in the Dresden young guard was captured and is from July 12 as DVD/Blu-ray and double-live-audio-CD in the trade. As fan package infinite there is live with in addition the limited Deluxe Edition DVD and double live CD in a high quality digipack with a detailed 24seitigen booklet. “It should wake up not only the memory of wonderful evenings”, says the artist,”but also for the coming weeks appetite on the Open-Air concerts! Everyone knows: music in the open air is simply an unforgettable experience. For the spectators, but as well for us at the Stage. What the DVD/Blu-ray buyer and the fans at the concerts is located, described the WAZ after the Oberhausen concert so: rhyme moves in a well-being feeling country. Hallelujah, you are my happiness, I’ve dreamed of you, I’ve sung with so be happy for you and of course fucking, I love you, loudly me.

The audience dancing in the Interior. And the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung pulls her resume: a good, very long concert comes to an end with atmosphere. The infinity live concert recording tour, a highlight of the eventful career of MATTHIAS REIM, an exclusive interview with rhyme and his statements to each song is enriched with extensive bonus material, such as z.B. He presents himself as close, honest and authentic, as we know him for years. “I’m happy if I can stand on the stage, I play with and not only for the fans”, he says. Conclusion: More than two hours of pure energy! (The MDR is this concert recording from Dresden on 13 July 2013 from 19:50 clock broadcast.) “Matthias Reim infinite live” there from July 12, 2013 as DVD, Blu-ray and double live audio CD. in addition there will be a limited Deluxe Edition with many extras.

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