Medical University

Vil.V.Dokov * VV ** Docks, Department of Public Health, ** Department of Dental Medicine, Medical University of Varna, Bulgaria. Introduction. The creative legacy of Prof.. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Total Transportation Services, Inc. VK Docks (1920-1988) 2,4,12,14, the largest Bulgarian histologist, still poorly understood. We have tried to do this by applying the search engine PubMed 3, but as further our research 5,6,7,8,9,10,13, this method gives only a nai-a general idea of the creative journey of a scientist. Purpose. The aim of our work is to study in multilingual science professor. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Total Transportation Services, Inc. VK docks, the method of quantitative analysis of publications in his bibliography 1, in particular the place of publication of journals and languages in which written articles.

Materials and methods. Analizovano 122 literary sources 1 published in 37 year period (1945-1983). We investigated the place of publication of magazines, which are written in languages learning articles, the number and percentage distribution. The data processed by statistical methods of variations and alternative analysis. Results and discussion. In the studied material, we found that the prof. Docks published in scientific journals nine countries and more often (t = 3.98, pAnaliziruya findings, we can see that from foreign journals most articles appeared in Belgian (n = 10, 8.19 16.99%), German (n = 10, 8.19 16.99%) journals in the U.S. (n = 5, 4.09 17.36%), France (n = 3, 2.45 17.49%) and Yugoslavia (n = 3, 2.45 17.49%). Single Publication note in Hungary (n = 2, 1.63 17.54%), Britain (n = 1, 0.81 17.56%), Italy (n = 1, 0.81 17.56%), Russia (n = 1, 0.81 17.56%) and Czechoslovakia (n = 1, 0.81 17.56%).

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