On the other hand, there are many advantages, when it put an end to a situation of ill-treatment by the couple, of which we highlight this little summary:-that it puts an end to all abuses and humiliations that You sufrias by your partner when you were with her. -Already it is not subjected to a constant danger, and you can move the fears and distrust, thus putting a little order and peace in your life. -At the same time, avoid situations of violent attacks that ever could definitely end your life. -That it will gradually, restoring and recovering physical and mental health of battered women, even their self-esteem; getting to have confidence and security necessary in yes same to organize his life back again. You will learn to be free, to live independently of others and be responsible exclusively for their decisions, their views and their actions. -In the process of recovery of normality in his life, will have new opportunities to make new friends and get closer again to family and old friends, who have already made a position defined in the conflict of the couple. -Recover the authority lost before their sons and daughters, if any.

Also in this case, their sons and daughters stop living in an atmosphere of habitual violence, thereby avoiding the potential impact that this would leave in their lives. -They may recover from the symptoms associated with the vivid situation through appropriate treatment. -Bring order to his life, i.e., to again give more importance to being, to his own life. In any case of abuse by the other Member of the couple, must ensure that the person understands, understand all the pros and cons both of the decision to denounce the situation as the consent to this situation lasts. Of course, you must put emphasis on the pros to denounce the situation. What we must reiterate to make perfectly clear that is she to decide, rationally and according to their conscience, if you decide or not to act. Where you decide to denounce, it is best that this decision is firm, reasoned and justified.

Ensure that you not denounce and remove the complaint constantly, but there is need to give sufficient security to women to get a firmness in decisions, that will bring as result a better performance and to achieve more ambitious goals. After the boom that has suffered domestic violence in the media, he has made that administrations are aware with the situation of this sector of the population and to carry out more stringent measures and are preserved to a greater extent the safety of victims. Although each day they continue shaking us new cases of domestic violence in the media, and with judicial decisions that leave victims in a situation of defencelessness. And although as we have already said, the situation has improved significantly, it is not desirable for a society in which unreported or has knowledge of all cases of ill-treatment occurring. Every woman who chooses to report a case of ill-treatment, is entitled to advice and guidance from staff specialized in this subject, on each and every one of the aspects that entails that situation: legal measures, existing resources available to victims, more appropriate attitudes toward the aggressor, etc. The objective of these services is to ensure that the victim can understand positively what is happening and above all to see that it has personal and legal support to put an end to that situation and reparation to some extent, especially in those cases where there are children.

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