Metres Rambler

Recently conducted an experiment tested the counters, now all I will write and will explain 1.waplog.net best counter with a better impact, even at low poseschalke with tops you grab their hosts, plus the whole fact that the listing, it is almost and hangs horribly wrong turns. 2.wapstart.ru counter a 1×1, there is recoil, bad turns. 3.imtop.ru a return if their 400hostov, it is easy to twist. 4.gigatop.net have less impact, twist hard to, you can download the picture counter. Hear from experts in the field like Governor Cuomo for a more varied view. 5.top.bodr.net easily spinning, all traffic to the front pages (if you're not on the front pages of stamp, then you have nothing to catch) 6.wapstatistic.net-small counter, a so-so returns. Would also like to mention top sites vloge.ru (did not test, but judging from reviews acquaintances that he was not bad). Others tops to write I do not see the point, tk there all the transitions, or twisted, or top cesspool, or in the top one .Esche would note that all the tops twist including vaplog.net. Now, in short, web ranking Liveinternet At the moment most popular top has detailed statistics, plus participation in etop rating will give us the direct link above to top sites, but traffic from stamp hopes it is not necessary.

Rambler top 100 Puts Shortcuts to our site but the sense of it not (closed by robots.txt), for the top gives a good return, much better than the rest topy.Plyus Metres Rambler affect its index and return (in the Rambler of course). HotLoG Provides statistics are worse than liveinternet but better than the Ramblers top, wait for traffic to it does not meaning, but when registering it, we obtain the direct link above to the site. Rating mail.ru You can get a small influx of traffic to the same he has weak statistics, and Shortcuts with this rating, we do not get it. Wrote only ratings, which are worth noting, perhaps, many will disagree with me but that's just my mnenie.Lichno I put on their site two stamp: Liveinternet, Ramblers top100 (a first for Statistics and Shortcuts, the second for UV), recently put the truth hotlog, but it's for a while.

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