Microsoft Access

Microsoft wrote in his blog that one of the sessions on Windows Live authentication servers would have experienced difficulties that resulted in a charge that it should be absorbed by the remaining servers. This situation made that multiple users will experience difficulties in gaining access to Microsoft services for approximately one hour. However, this does not seem to be the problem. According to the publication Business Week, some users would have accidentally had access to the accounts of other users. One of them told the publication that suddenly opened a totally unknown user my account. I tried again, with the same result. I tried it several times, and each time a different account was opened. According to Microsoft, it is not sure that both events are interrelated.We are investigating reports in regard to a limited number of users of Windows Live would have had access to other user accounts, to attempt to access these through mobile readers, it indicates Microsoft in a statement reproduced by Cnet and Bloomberg publications among others.Microsoft emphasized it attaches critical importance to the privacy of its users, and that it has therefore initiated an investigation to elucidate the subject. Sources: Diario TI, Business Week, SiliconRepublic and CNet. Care!

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