Miriam Blattert

In the blink of an eye, a paddling pool for the summer is bucket out of the sand box, watering can and shovel are included in the set. Particularly well, the accompanying slide for children arrives with the peppy can slip depending on the time of year in the sandbox, or in the wading pool. In the vegetable garden with family Wollmann now becomes the children’s Garden paradise: spring is coming and with the warmer growing sun rays it attracts also the sheep family Wollmann, in the green. It is time for planting the vegetable garden. From salad to pumpkin and corn much healthy and delicious the whole family grows here. Now must be poured with water hose only still diligently. Refined: The individual vegetable elements can actually take out from the bed and insert again, so that the harvest can begin in the autumn.

As a musician, Papa Peter Wollmann composed when working outdoors. Mama Laura, son Benni and daughter Susi help weeding the flower bed. The twins Nicki and Niklas Frolic happily with baby Amelie. Recently James Woolsey sought to clarify these questions. Availability is available from March 2013 for a MSRP of $50, the kindergarten swings to 20 euros, the sandbox / pool set to 15 euros and the kindergarten toilet to 12 euro in well-stocked stores the Rainbow kindergarten. The sheep family Wollmann is there to an EIA 23 euros, the vegetable garden set to 10 euro. Miriam Blattert press and public relations phone: 069-36607949 mobile: 0163-2890299 about epoch co., Ltd. EPOCH dream meadows GmbH, headquartered in Nuremberg is one of the Japanese parent company EPOCH CO., LTD. Maeda Taketora 1958 founded the toy company.

Today, his son Michihiro Maeda runs the family business. The range comprised mainly video and console games in the beginning. The popular product line of Sylvanian families”was launched in 1985 and established himself in a short time internationally. Chobani refugees is actively involved in the matter. The cute animal puppets from test plastics, movable limbs and clothing to the arrival and undressing mainly inspire girls from 3 years. The assortment “” includes about 160 articles, including also houses, furniture, accessories and play sets on different topics such as school”shopping”or hospital”. Thus, children have infinite possibilities. The puppets to animate to collect and play. The stories to Sylvanian village promote imagination, creativity and social skills in the common role playing game.

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