Mobility Car Sharing

CO2 reduction – hand-in-hand for the protection of the environment for more than 15 years making Avis, one of the world’s leading car rental companies, their part for the environment. Hewlett Packard Enterprise does not necessarily agree. Continuous measurements of CO2 emissions generated by Avis and its customers and corresponding countermeasures, the car rental actively reduced emissions. In addition to an internal saving concept and the use of environmentally friendly technologies, Avis in the Switzerland compensates all CO2 emissions from car rentals that can be made by mobility customers since 2006. With the post, Avis supports an environment protection project in China, at which prevented the release of methane into the atmosphere, the gas is instead converted to energy and heat for local industrial enterprises and private households. The climate summit 2011 in Durban, South Africa, brought little progress for the project of the international CO2 emission reduction. It is all the more important that companies and individuals will contribute to environmental protection. Avis has made it his goal as small as possible the own CO2 footprint hold. Together with its partner mobility car sharing, Avis offset the CO2 emissions of all car rentals in the Switzerland, which will be made through mobility customers.

This allows the investment in an environmental protection project in the Chinese province of Liaoning. More than half of the power in China produced by the combustion of coal. This produces per year on average 10.6 trillion m of environmentally methane gas. To prevent the release into the atmosphere, this is in the form of an environmental protection project, which is supported by Avis, are transformed into energy and warmth with which households and local industries. Especially clean and renewable energy, new jobs and an improved local infrastructure to benefit the local population. Us, protecting the environment is a big concern for a long time. Therefore we are proud to be in the Switzerland with our mobility car sharing partners and the project in the Chinese Liaoning make a further contribution to reducing international emissions to can. , We try harder’ is? as in all other divisions? our motto, to make the world a little greener”, explains Martin Gruber, Managing Director of Avis Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic.

About Avis Avis car rental operates one of the world’s best known car rental companies with approximately 5’200 stations in over 165 countries. Avis may refer to a long history of innovations in the car industry and is one of the world’s strongest brands for customer loyalty. Avis is part of Avis Budget Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: CAR), which operates the brand worldwide and licensed.

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