Mobilize In Venezuela

When we travel to Venezuela one of the ways most practices let us mobilize the different cities is renting a vehicle since the distances between cities are relatively short and the country has a fairly versatile highway system (for example the distance between Caracas, Maracay and Valencia is one hour and hour and a half). While there will always be the problem of the traffic there is something in Venezuela that makes it very different from other countries and is the economy of its gasoline which is one of the more cheap world (by the same value of a bottle of three liters of water you can fill the gas tank of his vehicle), also their tolls (though was criticized in the media) are very economic since only cars pay cents dollar (which is not common in other countries where charge much higher amounts), therefore if you are traveling to Venezuela is advisable that renting a vehicle since this way you can truly exploit the full potential of their different destinations. What if you have to take into account is that it is necessary to have our international permission to drive, is also good to know that in these highways the way of handling is different (for example when you are going to enter the highway shall do so quickly and not slow since this can be dangerous for you, also when rains fall strong cars go at lower speed on a voluntary basis), if possible it is recommended that the car has GPS equipment (very important at the time of renting a vehicle).. Crowne plaza rosemont is actively involved in the matter.

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