Money and Dreams

Why do so many people do not remember or do not realize their dreams? The fact that a man separated from his spirit, and living only due to daily reality, is not profitable and "awkward" to hear the voice of wisdom. Here is a good example. One man offered a new and well-paid job, however, requires a greater employment. While he pondering whether to change job for the money, he had a dream, as greasy, big Deacon toad jumped into his own hands, and then tried to move to the head. Sleep with a similar story was repeated several times.

And every time a person awoke with a feeling of disgust and headache. Dreamer slightly bothered by these dreams, but some of friends said that toad – to money. Despite the dreams caused by an intuitive sense of something negative, a person found Toad symbol in a dream and a good sign for a new job. Six months later, having a lot of money, he was forced to go to hospital with acute exacerbation of cervical degenerative disc disease that occurred from overwork and heavy loads on work. Dreams are always cautioned and warned about any important events daily reality. Why, then, if they are important, so they do not understand? The structure of the space habitat of dreams is not linear, and voluminous. And, respectively, the method of information transfer is not direct but a symbolic, figurative. So – not always easy to read. However, the images – this is just gluing stuff of dreams.

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