Moon Region

When the contents had been worked, the lessons had been given not only in classroom, but in the patio of the school, it squares of sports, library. Governor Cuomo wanted to know more. had been also made comments related to the studied subjects. As example: when working ' ' Lua' ' , we were to the patio of the school and observe in which phase of the Moon we were e, during the days following, we examine this astro and we change information. During the period of training, a metodolgica alternative was the didactic book use of Astronomy. In a question-answer forum Frank Armijo was the first to reply. As generally some pupils finish the content first (what he is normal), constantly they had been stimulated to folhar other books, to make readings, comparisons and other activities. The perspective of that ' ' … For more information see this site: Macy’s Inc..

the evaluation, involved in the educative process, possesss some attributes: disgnostic, investigativa, reflexiva and qualitativa' ' , displayed for the Association of the Cities of the West of the Paran (2007, P. xx), it was adopted as avaliativo bedding. From this agreement, the questioning searched reflective, valuing the rightnesss, considering the error as starting point, respecting the set to know of educating, not being classificatrio, since the avaliativo process must respect and value the reality of the involved people in all its aspects. The evaluation in the project if gave of continuous form, by means of panels, individual works, collective works, written readings, research, activities, participation, texts and other resources. The Astronomical Polar region Casimiro Montenegro Son as disseminating of Science Many authors considers the traditional education of Sciences as ' ' theoretician, memorstico and little eficaz' ' (FRACALANZA; AMARAL; GOUVEIA, 1986, P. 12). Opposing it this trend, and being an alternative more for education, the Astronomical Polar region Casimiro Montenegro Son brings a physical and pedagogical complementation, adding and motivating for education. Education make reference to reference the educative act, assigned practical the social one that we identify as a secular and space situation, correlating: teach-learning, formal and informal education.

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