Multicultural Question

However, in this in case that, a change in the field is necessary politician, so that the Internet pass of a unidirectional instrument, that transmits the advertising of the parties, for a dynamic instrument of social change. FINAL CONSIDERAES The comments to be done on the Internet are countless as factor modifier of the sociability. In this article, we look for to explanar the main elements of the society that have suffered considerable change from the influence from the net. The Internet is the technological infrastructure and the way that the development of new forms of social relation makes possible. The sociability contemporary has base in the nets of information from the information technology microelectronics, supported in the Internet. We ratify what it affirmed Muniz Sodr in Ethnicity, Field Communication and Midiatizao the tecnocultura implies a new percipient and mental technology, therefore, a new type of relationship of the individual with the concrete references and the truth, that is, one another antropolgica condition. In short, the extension of ciberespao folloies and speeds up the steps of the economy and the society, in general. The Internet, with its peculiarities, reconfigured our system of thought and, still, our concepts of communication.

What it makes is to carry to our reality the potentiality, and to constitute, thus, the society in net, which we belong.

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