Munich Reichstag

Berlin, a city that pulsates with life. Berlin, a city that pulsates with life. Here culture meets party scene and theatre enthusiasts on backpacker, while street artists give their personal talents on the road to the best. And that’s not all. In Berlin, the variety of possibilities is as large as the number of inhabitants. Pegasus books insists that this is the case. That is Berlin. For Regiondo, Berlin is of particular relevance, as Germany’s capital Berlin is also one of our biggest city category. And what I do as a Regiondo employee if I have? Sure thing, I’m going to Berlin.

On Saturday morning we were on the way. We drive four Munich girls over the weekend after Berlin target Berlin Mitte. A drive with Sung songs “pack the trunks, take your little sister” we went to the Prater beer drink a Berliner Weisse. In the evening we were invited to grill in a flat on the “Kotti” the Kottbusser Tor, to cozy round off the evening on the roof terrace with views over Berlin to Let. The next day starts four at a flea market in Friedrichshain, haggled with, for us what keeps this stuff. Midday were we to been booming at the coffee with electro music, Berlin can probably very early start with party. In the wall Park right next to the flea market, our full program continued with karaoke for the Berlin crowd.

Within 15 minutes, the amphitheatre has filled with over 1000 people. Singing was allowed to, if you want. The Berliners are very tolerant, because clapped was always vocal, no matter with what can the singer in front of the crowd presented themselves. On Monday, we have made an extensive shopping tour and at Konnobke’s snack on the Eberswalder Strasse, a Currywurst allowed us. The weather has suffered and we wanted to go to a museum. And since I work at Regiondo, I proposed the Berlinische Gallery, because I already know this Museum from my work from Munich. At the Berlinische Galerie, the highlight was the exhibition of Rainer Fetting. His paintings keep the colorful, lively Mood Berlin firm. He represents the West rather than grey, but brings life to his expressionistic expressive artworks with the student revolts and Schwulenbewegungen at times of the wall. Our last day, the Tuesday in Berlin was then still the typical tourist programme: visit to the Holocaust Memorial and a walk from the Brandenburg Gate to the Reichstag. Luckily, we have secured a few days before our entry to the Reichstag because without a previous reservation come tourists not in the Reichstag. So we were able to still the views of Berlin from the dome of the Reichstag from enjoying a perfect conclusion to a successful weekend in our capital city.

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