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Despite large potential investor interest in sustainable buildings remains subdued. What this is and what solutions there, recently presented a study of Deutsche Bank. Other leaders such as Areva offer similar insights. (tdx) Sustainable buildings, so-called Green Buildings’ potential for high savings: low energy consumption, ecological materials and high technical performance are the buildings of the future. For investors, they promise higher rents, lower vacancy rates, faster rental and low energy and operating costs, short: the net income rise. Therefore more and more for sustainable building interested investors and request appropriate information.

At the beginning of the development of sustainable buildings, the consciousness, the developers lacked the investors the appropriate expertise and overall lacked certification experts. After these problems were eliminated, the increase of sustainable real estate industry rose steadily. The failure to involve of the factor economy and especially the lack of uniform standards or holistic assessment systems rapid development slowed down at the beginning. A generally valid evaluation system is very difficult to develop: depending on whether it is a private building, Office, residential or public building, apply various demands and requirements, which may significantly differ. Also local conditions can be included in an evaluation. A completely uniform standard can and will there be alone never. A system must be developed for each building type, that can react flexibly to various regional conditions, such as for example climate,.

“With time, different certification systems were developed by Government and private industry, to investors, builders and designers the highlighting feature sustainable” to identify more clearly and to make an investment more attractive. The different systems define a Green Building”according to their own discretion and own standards. This building were comparable with each other and the sustainability of a building became the prominent selling point. But even those by external certified as sustainable building for the investor still risk represented: after all, it was not secured for him, that the rating system is experiencing a wide market acceptance.

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