Nation Days

This news has crossed the world for almost 3 weeks and the average news, that has not stopped informing on a tremendously estresante situation, not only for the families of the workers catched to 700 meters of depth has not been few, in a mine of the small north of Chile in the region of Atacama, but for all a Nation that expectant, has followed the details as if it was a personal tragedy of each patriotic one. I imagine that the world generally, also has felt east effect of uncertainty that makes think and put us us in the place of the affected ones and particularly of the terrible thing that must be to be buried while still alive to those depths of the Earth, with a suffocating heat by little oxygen, the bad conditions of ventilation of the place, the reduced space of some hundreds of meters that corresponds to the approach ramps at the deepest levels of the mine, without mentioning the deficiency of foods, water, light, that the miners intelligently knew to avoid rationing the consumption of the few food whereupon they told, to two spoonfuls of tinned fish and half milk glass every 48 hours, that allowed them to survive 19 days, until a sounding excavated a well of 655 meters, that broke right in the incline where the survivors lodged and from this true artery, has been possible to provide gel foods, medecines, communication, until being able to stabilize them medically, to begin just the rescue tasks, that in a time horizon would not be before 90 days. For those who do not know it, Chile is a country essentially miner, in fact its main exportable product is Cobre, near half of its GGP comes from the contribution of this extractive activity, that from beginnings of century XX, has been the support of its economy, as it were it previously the Saltpeter and the Guano. .

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