National Bank

The economy of the Kyrgyz Republic, located deep in a permanent crisis, in fact, represented by only three industries – gold (40% of the total industrial production), agricultural (50%) and energy. An important role in the economy belongs to remittances in Kyrgyz Republic gastrabayterov working abroad (about 1 billion. dollars, roughly one-fourth of GDP). The external debt of Kyrgyzstan for the information of the National Bank came close to the GDP of the country (80%). At that these conditions, hoping the deposed president, when he intended to close the U.S. military base and deprive themselves and their republic's financial and political support? I think the answer must be sought in a favorable geographical position Kyrgyzstan – its proximity to Afghanistan. As I have previously drawn the attention of readers, one of the ways of delivery of Afghan heroin goes through Kyrgyzstan.

Certainly influential Kyrgyz clans are not averse to "warm hands" on this matter and bite a piece of this "tasty pie", the annual turnover is estimated at 0.5 to 1 trillion. dollars. According to the UN (as of February 4, 2010) the proportion of drugs of Afghan origin in this "Cake" – the order of 95%. The U.S. air base as "Manas", as becomes clear, is a major obstacle for the local drug lords. Anglo-Saxons themselves (ie, those who control this highly lucrative business) due to advantageous position of its base are an excellent opportunity to carry out the transfer of Afghan heroin in different regions of the planet.

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