National Executive

Very right the observation that makes Red, when it exposes, that with this attitude, the National Executive evidence that is against the development of the academy, the investigation, the extension and the communitarian service, essential in the evolution of the country, besides directly threatening the quality of life of the university professional. That so prrico increase affects all the institution generally, because it reduces motivation to him to the investigation, to the creativity and innovation. It is constituted in an element to discredit the paper of the university in the Venezuelan society. It is a lack of respect and it is for that reason that we criticized with force the fact that the agreements have not been respected reached in the dialogue tables, and obvious invoice is passing us and we are paying expensive to leave to protest constantly reason why we considered our rights acquired. With these measures, it is verified once again that the activities of the government are not credible, more in a sector like the one of the education, the one of the formation of professionals, that always must be considered and be handled with action that is respected to the university professional, who deserves to be repaid with real pays and him they guarantee a quality of equitable, right life to its knowledge, carried out work. All this also demonstrates, that the universities through its Bunds, Associations of professors, university community, must look for other more proactive actions, than really he entails to that the government is identified and so the Education represents for a country that wants to go out ahead, that this he does not have to be neglected, but, that supports all to him necessary to guarantee that their programs are feasible, and that are known to use suitably capital of the human talent that it is had with the educational ones and to be able to confront the challenges and to generate the transformations necessary to leave avante. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out 4Moms.

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