National Museum Center

No longer it is necessary to present/display Madrid, capital of Spain and the uniprovincial community of the same name. Even so, Google earth offers an exceptional virtual trip to us through the streets of the capital. The Great one Via, Place Greater or Door of the Sun and, in front of the Real House of Post office, kilometer 0, departure point of the numeration of all the highways of the country, are references for all connoisseur of the capital. Also, we can name places emblematic as the source of Cibeles where the fans of Real Madrid usually celebrate the great victories of their equipment or the Place of Spain in which is the monument to Miguel de Cervantes. In addition, Madrid is an influential cultural center and counts on museums of international reference between which they emphasize the Museum of the Prado, without a doubt one of most important of the world, the National Museum Center of Art Queen Sofia and Thyssen-Bornemisza, that belong more to the visited museums of the world. But Madrid is much more: the Kio Towers, the Castilian, the Place of Columbus, the Park of the Retirement, station of train of Atocha, the Crooked district, etc. If you have not visited Madrid or you needs to know some zone this wonderful city, Google Earth offers the possibility of seeing Madrid us in three dimensions as we have never seen it. If this virtual visit of the capital has given desire you to return to Madrid, you do not doubt more to it: it takes a cheap flight with Madrid-Barajas destiny, reserves to your Madrid apartment or your room of hotel and enjoys the enchantments the capital. I hope that you have enjoyed these seen from the sky to Madrid! Original author and source of the article.

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